Clackmannanshire takes pride in their involvement in the Whisky industry’s history.

Clackmannanshire was home to the famous Haig family who holds the title of Scotland’s oldest whisky dynasty boasting over 350 years of experience. As well as this, the whisky entrepreneurs Robert and John Stein, owners of Kennetpans Distilleries, also resided in Clackmannanshire.

It has been said that the Stein brothers changed the face of whiskey distilling and without their innovations it would have taken much longer for the whisky industry to reach the rest of the world. The Kennetpans Distillery when it was first opened was the largest manufacturing undertaken of any kind to emerge as the first decade of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland. This distillery was recognised as the world’s first commercial industry, and where distilling left the farmyards and became a true viable industry.

A second revolutionary moment took pace in 1777, James Stein exported 2,000 gallons of whiskey to England in order for it to be rectified into gin. This was the first ever recorded movement of whiskey outside of Scotland and was consequently a breakthrough moment as the whisky industry in now worth over £4.25 billion to the Scottish Economy.

But that was some 200 years ago and the distillery has been long closed and left in ruins. This year, there has been action towards rescuing the ‘birthplace’ of the Scottish whiskey industry from collapsing.