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Blairlogie - Muckhart

The Hillfoots Diamond Jubilee Way is 21km long and passes through the Hillfoots villages of Blairlogie, Menstrie, Alva, Tillicoultry, Dollar and Muckhart. It is designed so that it can be enjoyed end-to-end or section at a time. From the Hillfoots Diamond Jubilee Way you can divert into the various glens (Menstrie, Alva, Silver, Tillicoultry and Dollar) or link up with other paths to create your own circular routes.

The route is based on the old King’s Highway – the via regia in Latin – which is mentioned in charters for Cambuskenneth Abbey that date to the 1300s.

It is thought that the route was used for royal progresses between Stirling Castle and Falkland Palace in the 16th century.


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