Alloa, UK
1 Coalgate Scotland FK10 1EH GB

This 12.8 mile circular route starts in Alloa (once the brewery capital of Scotland) and goes through the Hillfoots villages (the collective name for the villages along the base of the Ochil Hills).

Starting at Alloa station, follow the Route 767 signs from the roundabout, along the north side of Izatt Street and across the road on the signalised crossing opposite Primrose Street. Join a traffic-free, former wagon path which leads to the junction with Route 76 beside Limetree House on North Castle Street. Turn right and follow Route 76 west towards Cambus. After weaving through quiet residential streets in Alloa, the route joins a quiet farm road and then a tarmac multi-use path. From Cambus, where there is a nice tearoom right on the route, the path passes working whisky bonded warehouses to the right, the River Devon to the left, under the railway line and by a ruined Dovecot (pigeons used to be an important source of meat).

At the junction with Route 76 near Tullibody, continue northwards on Route 768 on good railway path towards Menstrie and the Ochil Hills. At Menstrie, the route joins a quiet shared road. This is not as smooth as the previous tailored paths but is still enjoyable as you follow manageable rolling hills along the edge of the Ochils. (There are many footpaths up into the hills, the most notable being Alva Glen.) The route by-passes the centre of Alva on a quiet back road and the only challenging, but short hill, is on this stretch. Be careful descending the other side of this hill as it has blind corners. Before you reach the hill, a short detour along one of the streets to the right will take you to cafes on the main street of Alva if you need a break.

At the east of Alva, join the shared-use path alongside the main road to Tillicoultry for just over a mile, head through the park and join some neighbourhood roads until you join the Devon Way (Route 767). You can turn left for a detour to the lovely village of Dollar three miles further east, but to complete the loop and return to Alloa, carry straight on, over the river and follow the railway path past Sauchie and back to the railway station. As you head along this path there are more panoramic views of the Ochil Hills and a satisfying overview the route just taken.

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